Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hi everybody!!

Well, it is 12 am here and I am still working away! I think I will plan on sleeping sometime tonight...hehe! It seems I can get a lot of work done late, do any of you find it that way too??? It seems the older I get the more I want to stay up late? Is that crazy or what. Anyway, I hope you all are having a good week and enjoying the new daylight savings time hours! I know I am!!! I love that extra "light" we get in the evenings instead of it getting dark sooo very early. Everything is starting to come alive around here with the grass turning green and the flowers starting to come up! God is sooo good! The earth is alive and we are all blessed to be breathing and feel His goodness everyday!

Here is another little chart for you....Angels over You Sampler. This is taken from Psalms 91:11. For he will give His Angels Over you to guard you in all your ways. I love this whole chapter of the Bible and especially that the Lord gives us Angels to protect us ...even though we can't see them, they are there!

I hope you will enjoy stitching this up as much as I have enjoyed making it for you.


taylors*farmhouse*attic said...

What a beautiful sampler Nancy!..I also stay up into the wee hours of the night..I've always been a night owl and can get so much done while everyone else is sleeping..Thank you for the free patterns!!!..Have a blessed week!!~~hugs,Jen

Vilma aka Examplar Dame said...

Dear Nancy

What beautiful freebies you are doing, I really love them. Now
to find some time to stitch them.

I am also a night owl hahaha, I tend to work better at night.

Blessings, Vilma

~Judy~ said...

Love this one. Thank you!

Unknown said...

This is beautiful! I'm having a problem reading the color key on the chart, though. The second picture isn't "clickable" and when I copy it and try to enlarge it, it's too pixelated to read. Thank you!

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