Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hi Everyone!

I think Spring is finally here...with the winter we have all had it is great to have some wonderful warm weather! It feels so good on your face when you go outside and look up at the sun! I just love this time of year. We are buying flowers for the backyard and starting to put some out. I see that Lowe's and Home Depot around here is stocking up! The prices seem to have gone up some since last year but I guess it is like everything else, right! It just keeps going up and up.....Our grass has gotten really green, that is soooo nice too! I don't know if my husband thinks so since he is the one that mows the yard and it is growing like crazy.
By the way, if any of you haven't seen the movie The Blind Side yet...I highly recommend renting it. We just saw it last week and it is a terrific movie! Wow, Sandra Bullock plays such a wonderful part in that movie and it is just an awesome story! Soooo inspiring...an true!
Well, here is another little free chart for you. Hope you enjoy. This would be great in a spare bedroom, den or just anywhere you want your guest to feel welcome.
As always, I hope the Lord blesses you today and each day,


Giovanna said...

Thank you for this lovely gift!

Amy said...

Thank you, you are so kind.

Have a wonderful day.

Anne said...

What a beautiful design, thank you! :)

Főkolomp said...

Thank You!!!!

DAN. said...

MERCI,MERCI c'est très beau,

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His Name is Emmanuel

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His Name Is Emmanuel Info

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by wisdom a house is built

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