Wednesday, June 9, 2010


As I designed this chart "Love Bears All Things" which comes from the Bible scripture, 1 Corinthians 13: 7...I had to do a lot of thinking about the fact that it is such a strong part of a verse. Afterall, how can Love bear ALL many of us can say our love has beared ALL things in this life! But yet, the scripture says we are supposed too! And that is just PART of it.... We know our Lord's love for us will never fail us. Most of us feel that our parents would not have failed us with their love as we were growing up. Yet, when we are grown, our love seems to be conditional at times toward others. We may have been hurt by another and put our guard up. My prayer for you today is that your love will continue to grow for your family, friends, enemies, everyone you come in contact with and most importantly, The Lord God. I hope you enjoy this cross stitch as much as I have enjoyed designing it. I pray, too, that your Love Bears All Things as the Lord commands in this life for YOUR good.
God Bless You Always,

Reach out and be a blessing to someone today
Do one act of kindness anonymously
Contact family members and let them know you LOVE them
Read some of your Bible
Make a Prayer list
Smile MORE (Even if you don't feel like it)


Kathy (woolfind) said...

Nancy, love your post and love your pattern. I have saved it for future stitching! Thank you.. I am in the process of taking care of my 91 year old mil. She is still living on her own, but needs me more and more. My heart aches at times. I pray God will give me the strength if I ever am blessed enough to reach that age. I have learned so much from watching her each day and how she struggles. Talk about bearing all things! She does it daily and each day brings on a new challenge. Thank you again for your post.. It will really make one thing :)

CATHI said...

Wow, what a beautiful chart... I am tempted to stitch this, too. And I think there is so much truth in the saying...! :o)


Vilma aka Examplar Dame said...

Nancy, love the A&E freebie since I am a A&E lover. As always you are
so kind in offering us your wonderful freebies.

Blessings, Vilma

Deb said...

Be still my heart - a wonderful A&E. I've been hunting around for a small project and this one just fits the bill. I just love it - thank you, thank you!

Shari said...

how perfect! My husband & I celebrate 31 years of marriage this coming week. This verse was & still is, one of our favorites while dating!

маруся73 said...

спасибо вам, у вас очень интересный блог! )))

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