Friday, December 18, 2015

This is the most wonderful time of year! 
There are so many things happening all around us!  As a Christian,  I find myself realizing that of all times my faith has to be strong.  I cannot be weak because I know there will be times that all of our faith will be tested.  I praise the Lord for what He did for us.  He came to this earth to save us...He died on the cross to save us!  We are celebrating our Lord.  God in the flesh!  The one that loves us the most.  The one that all we have to do is call out His name...Jesus and He is right there for us.  We are blessed.   I pray each of you are praying for your families, your friends to pray the Lord more...get into His Word more....Hear from Him more and put the desires of this world aside.  Pray for the lost and allow the Lord to lead you where you will go. 
He is faithful even when we are not.  He loves the unlovable....He loves us when we have failed...when we have messed up....when we are unworthy...Praise the Lord!  All we have to do is go to Him and say I'm sorry!  Our sins are as far as from the east to the west...and further.  The spans of the skies.....Hallelujah!!
I am thankful that I can write this on my blog...that we have freedom in America right now! 
I just want to give Him Praise on my little blog for all He has done for me.  Thank you Lord for saving me...for getting me through hard times and for all those times I didn't desire it and you were still there!  For forgiving me of all my sins!  I love you Lord!  I pray for all those that read my blog that they will be blessed by You and if they aren't saved, that there hearts will turn to you, Lord!
I pray they will have a wonderful Christmas with their families and friends.  That you will be safe...lots of laughter and remember where all your true blessings came from.
God bless you all!


cucki said...

Such a sweet post my dear..
You truly so sweet.
Sending you big hugs.
Wishing you Merry Christmas and a very Happy new year.
Love you x

LindaLee said...

Thank you for being such a light for Him, our God and King. Amen

Unknown said...

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