Friday, January 13, 2012


Hi again....

2012 has begun and NEW BEGINNINGS for all of us! I want this year to be great and by that I mean in terms of looking at what is REALLY and I mean REALLY important in our life! So many people are talking about the Mayan Calendar and this year being a count down and all that...well, if it is, it is. What I know is (probably very but the Word of God says that only God knows when He is coming back for His people and what I plan is to be mindful of living each day to the best of my ability. Do my utmost very, very best to treat every one truly like I WANT to be treated and with mercy...Everyone is on edge these days with the economy so I want to do my best to be aware of others feelings and what they might be going through isn't all about "ME". I am going to do my best to give people the benefit of the doubt, so to speak if they are "harsh". Turn the other cheek as the Bible says. Watch what the Lord will do for you when we start doing just small things for others. I really believe when we give, it is given back to us. Not that you do it for that reason...EVER. I know how excited I get when I see someone open up a present give them. The same applies when we share our smile with someone or a kind word. I want to to be more considerate of others this year and see if it doesn't spread. After all just one kind word to a person just could change their life! You never know.

I hope this will be the very best year for you and your family and that the Lord will enrich your life with all that is good! I pray that you have good health, joy and peace throughout this year and we can all be in touch often.

Here is a another little sampler for is called "LOVE NEVER FAILS". Do it up into a small pillow or pinskeep! Whatever you want. Hope you enjoy!

Til next time-Have a wonderful day! God Bless You always.....



Barbi said...

Nice pattern! Thank you! :)

Karen said...

You are very generous with your charts.

Jennifer Ann Fox said...

OH Nancy!! I love this pattern!! Thank you!


Robin Hager said...

Thanks so much for this lovely little design!

Dede said...

I just found you thru Pinterest. Love your blog and thank you for the wonderful design....I am going to make the Valentine for my son's fiance!

Patty C. said...

Thank you soooooo much for the beautiful pattern !!!!

DS at the well said...

Loved this, stitched it 9 times to make 9 ornaments for my 8 adult children and I. This was always my motto through all the tough years of raising children and teenagers! Thank You.

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